CIO Toolkit manages focused information and brings into a solid form. Helps CIOs to make decisions based on clear information. CIO Toolkit collects data from different sources and views them in an consistant way. On the dashboard, it shows the most important charts, which can forward the user to the bases of the chart data with a single click.


When we launch this tool at a company, we do the following steps:

¨       Make a survey to customize model and dashboard,

¨       Prepare data collection agents,

¨       Install toolkit,

¨       Introduce and educate CIO Toolkit.


The following table contains the most popular model handled by the CIO Toolkit:



¨       Hardware information

¨       Installed softwares

¨       Assigned employees

¨       Assigned licenses


¨      Contact information

¨      Used softwares

¨      Dedicated licences

Organization units

¨       Location


¨       Vendor info

¨       Usage rights

¨       Expiration

¨       Dedication

¨       Invoices


¨       Vendors

¨       Version infos

¨       Virtualization infos

*Features and modell could be subject of change