HR Scoring Tool focuses on employees' evaluation. In the first step, managers assign evaluators for their employees. In the second step, evaluators fills the scoring forms. In the third stage, managers can see resulting riports. In every stages all recipients get a rich-text template-based email, with a one-click link about their tasks.The tool is integrated in the company intranet (authentication, mail service).


There are four different user roles in this tool:

¨       Manager,

¨       Assistant,

¨       Evaluator,

¨       HR.


The following table describes the responsibilities of the user roles.



¨       Select delegate

¨       Select employee to be evaluated

¨       Select evaluators for employees

¨       Review report of employees’ results

·         overall (chart and spreadsheet view),

·         individual


¨       Select employee to be evaluated on behalf of a manager

¨       Select evaluators for employees on behalf-of a manager


¨       Evaluate assigned people


¨       Review report of employees’ result

·         overall (chart and spreadsheet view),

·         individual

¨       See all completed quality score evaluations by evaluators (overall)

¨       Review evaluators work by individual evaluations as well as an overall look in order to check for consistency

¨       Set up parameters

®      start date of evaluation

®      deadline of evaluation


®      mail templates

*Features could be subject of change