Our solutions are usable for many company, who wants to grow in an efficient way:

HR Scoring Tool.
HR Scoring Tool focuses on employees' evaluation. In the first step, managers assign evaluators for their employees. In the second step, evaluators fills the scoring forms. In the third stage, managers can see resulting riports. In every stages all recipients get a rich-text template-based email, with a one-click link about their tasks.The tool is integrated in the company intranet (authentication, mail service).

CIO Toolkit.
CIO Toolkit organizes company-wide datasources into a single, easy-to-navigate interafce. This tool becomes the number one assistant for CIOs, because all involved information gets within a three click distance. e.g. If the CIO wants to see which computers in the company contains the most illegal softwares, then he must click only once on the initial dashboard.